Testing For Legionella: Keeping Your Home Safe From Legionella Pneumophila

3Water, the element of life itself may not always be pure. It is sometimes contaminated and causes fatal diseases when ingested without examination. However, there are always solutions for every problem, and this is the reason why despite having the thread of illness such as Legionnaires’ disease, people do not really need to worry as long as their water system has undergone proper testing for Legionella.

While Legionella disease is not transferable through contact between one person to another, the bacteria that causes them travel to the pipelines of homes thus contaminating your water system. This is why it is important that you make sure your water system has been tested and proven to be negative after testing for Legionella. Individuals over 50 years old are more prone to such diseases as well as past or current smokers, those who have chronic lung diseases, and recently went through treatments ling chemotherapy.

There are preventive measures that can help you fight Legionella. Testing kits or products that make sure that your water system at home is free from Legionella pneumophila are now available in the market. These devices are for showers, water heaters, water storage tanks and drinking machines. If you are also suspecting other places such as your swimming pool and fitness centres, there are also testing kits available in the market. To learn more about tools for testing Legionella, click here.