Tips Before Tooth Extractions – Wisdom Teeth Removal In Glendale AZ

2For most people, removing their wisdom teeth is a must especially if you want to maintain the health your teeth. Wisdom teeth can be a cause of cavity which can be contagious to the other healthy teeth because they are very hard to reach with a toothbrush, hence bacteria can easily stick to them.

Another reason why most people really want their wisdom teeth removed is the discomfort hey bring. Since wisdom teeth are located far at the back of your mouth, it can be sometimes hard to eat or even speak. And so, people just opt to have these wisdom teeth removed. However, there are some things that you also need to do to ensure a safe removal process. Expert dental professionals recommend these tips after you have your wisdom teeth removed.

– Avoid hot beverages. This is to prevent the bleeding once you have your wisdom tooth removed. You can also cover the open sockets with clean cotton to stop the bleeding and to keep it safe from other things such as food particles.

– Drink using straw. This is only done within 24 hours from the extraction. This is to avoid the bleeding as well and to ease the pain while drinking.

– Drink cold water. Cold water will help prevent the infection and promote speedy healing. This will also help wash away some food particles away from the affected area of your mouth. Drinking lots of cold water is the safest thing to do when having your wisdom tooth extracted.

– Try not to do chores that demand more effort and strength as this will cause more bleeding. Do not lift heavy things. Do not stay under the heat of the sun for long. These things can slow your recovery and healing process.

– Be very careful in brushing your teeth while within the 24-hour healing process. Make sure that you do not touch the affected part of your mouth. If you want, you can actually skip the brushing just for a day and gargle with warm water with a pinch of salt instead. This will serve as your mouthwash.

These are some tips that you must know before you have your wisdom teeth extracted so you can ensure a speedy healing and a safe recovery process. You can also check out with your dentist for more tips on tooth extractions. Wisdom teeth removal, Glendale, AZ dental experts say, can be a challenge especially for those who will go through this procedure for the first time.