Tips When Getting Ready To Play Ladies’ Social Netball

1Are you considering of playing ladies’ social netball today? You might primarily do it for fun; however, you may also want to perform well and become better. Bear in mind that a social netball game might be casual, but the workout you get is somewhat serious. Hence, you have to make sure that you are up to it.

How To Prepare Yourself For Regular Melbourne Social Netball Matches

Be comfortable wearing the right apparel – You have to practice moving about wearing the right uniform and footwear. In case you have new items, you need to test them not only for size but also for comfort. As for your playing shoes, you need to use them every time you jog around your community.

2Be fit and healthy – You need to prepare yourself physically so you can be fit enough to run up and down the court without getting easily tired or experience any difficulty of breathing. It would be a smart idea for you to perform some cardio workouts. You must know that people of different fitness levels can play the netball. As for your part, you have to build your endurance and strength so you can finish a game.

Become as a spectator – Doing so will get you even more excited to play. Also, this will provide you with some tricks and tips that you can use if you will be the one playing it. And if you want to watch excellent social netball games, consider going into the venues used by Melbourne Social Netball. These will include Riverside Gold and Tennis Centre in Ascot Vale, Ryan’s Reserve in Richmond, Flagstaff Gardens in the city, Melbourne High School In South Yarra, and Richmond Recreation Centre in Richmond.

3Have some practice time – Though you do not need rigorous training and practice if you want to play social netball, this does not necessarily mean that you won’t practice how to properly play the game. Hence, it would be a smart idea for you to do unofficial drills with your teammates like properly passing the ball back and forth. Also, you can try different moving styles used in netball like sidestepping, sprinting, and running backwards. As for your shooting skills, know that there are various ways on how you can hone it even when you don’t have a ball or a hoop handy. If you are considering of signing up as an individual player, consider honing your skills in different positions.

The ladies’ social netball is a fun game. With that said, you must not hurt yourself overthinking your play or worrying so much over games. Even while you are practicing, learn how to enjoy the game as well.


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